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Acta Marine
Windfarm Crewing
Turner Iceni

How Does It Work


Finding work can be a frustrating and long-winded process so here, at Windfarm Crewing, we have developed a professional and efficient solution to increase your chances of employment. Our captivating idea takes away the need for recruitment agencies and other jobsite searches to enable companies and candidates to correspond directly with each other. After you have signed up your profile will be available for companies to view along with your C.V, certifications, current and previous employment and your availability to work in the calendar. To maximise your chances of a vacancy match we have added the availability tab to enable you to share your current availability status and show you are ready immediately for employment.


As a company we have combined both recruitment and crew management into one. Windfarm crewing are the only company in the maritime industry with an availability app and crew management system combined to make things that little bit easier for your company. Once you have completed your profile as a company it enables you to access the full system using all functions of searching the database for new users via the availability app/website platform and also to use the crew management system which allows you to manage your users details, qualifications and rotas. Our captivating idea is to set a whole new approach within the industry and our aim is to simplify the entire process. The platform also enables you to store all your current users in your own personal folder as well as store personnel you may wish to use again for future works. Upon subscribing with windfarm crewing we advertise your company on our website to allow other users a direct link to your website.

Our Benefits

  • Last minute employment requirements
  • Simple and easy process
  • completely free to users
  • Cost effective for companies
  • Saves time
  • No Job adverts Required
  • User availability monitoring
  • Advertising your company
  • Simple to use Crew Management system
  • Ability to manage Rota and user certification

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