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Welcome to Windfarm Crewing, one of the worlds leading recruitment and crew management specialist companies. Established in 2016, Windfarm Crewing specialises in recruitment and crew/vessel management. During my career offshore in the maritime industry i found there was a significant change needed to help companies find new users and manage their current users.

After spending many years working offshore we realised there was a need to bring a much more simple and professional solution to the recruitment process and are now specialists in providing the best candidates for the job to our clients across the world by using our unique availabilty app and web based platform. We also realised the need to have a system to aid in crew/vessel management and again we have created the perfect platform to do this via our app or web. Windfarm Crewing are the only company in the maritime industry to use this unique method of an app to manage recruitment and crew management, We strongly believe this is the future and will replace all current methods.

Our service is simple to use, time saving, effective and cost efficient for Companies. We aim to build a wide but close community in the maritime world to help everyone in need of work or in need of a worker. Our unique method with personal profiles will greatly increase the chances of employment for candidates.

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