How it works

User Candidates

1. Sign up and log in completely free.

2. Create your unique profile for all windfarm companies to see.

3. Add a photo, experience, NOK, Location, and your certification with expiry dates and then manage your availability with the availability tab.

4. If available and certification in date you will be able to show green/available, 

5. If your certificates are out of date or you are unavailable you will show red/unavailable.

6. Wait for companies to contact you as soon as jobs appear with our inboard messaging system or via contact details.

7. Have the ability to message companies if you see they have a vacancy.

8. Windfarm crewing verify all candidates.


1. Sign up and Subscribe to Windfarm Crewing by choosing your subscription plan.

2. Create your own page with your unique login to gain full access to all functions on the system.

3. Search for users by typing the category you`re looking for using the search bar and check the potential users and their availabilities.

4. Advertise that you have vacancies/no vacancies using the tab provided.

5. Find the right person for the job in a matter of minutes.

6. Contact the person to offer them a position via inbox or contact details.

7. Manage your profile and add all your current users to the system to monitor their availability, expiration of certification and rota management.

8. Manage your vessel rota's by tagging users

9. Upon registering you will automatically advertise your company on our homepage.

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